Betting online

Betting online

Interesting sports and big tournaments and matches become even more interesting with sports betting from Mr Green. At Mr Green you will find a huge selection of sports and tournaments to bet on continuously all 365 days of the year. This way you can add an extra element of excitement to your favourite sport or tournament. For example, at Mr Green you can play and bet on popular sports such as football, tennis, handball, cycling and basketball, while you also have the option to bet on more niche sports as well as seasonal sports such as martial arts, darts and winter sports. We also have betting on volleyball, baseball, American football and esports. This means you only have to look in one place when you want to bet on the sport and event that draws you in the most. In addition to an impressive selection of sports and events, our app allows you to take your bets with you anywhere, so you never miss an important match or tournament.

Bet on all the popular sports and tournaments

Bet on all the popular sports

In Denmark, some sports are hotter than others. You may have already guessed which sport tops the list of the most popular in Denmark. It’s a good one; football is and will always be our national sport. We feel it too at Mr Green, where our football betting is in high demand. Mr Green offers you many attractive options when it comes to betting on football. For example, you can bet on major tournaments such as the Danish Superliga, the World Cup and the Champions League. In addition, we give you football betting on friendly matches, MLS and much more. Football is far from the only popular sport you can bet on at Mr Green. In tennis and handball we also offer countless good bets on matches and tournaments. In tennis, for example, you can bet on the major Grand Slam tournaments. You can also bet on well-known tennis tournaments such as the ATP World Tour and the WTA, depending on whether you want to bet on the best elite men or women respectively. Handball betting from Mr Green, for example, covers the exciting Olympic Games, where major nations vie for victory. Are you ready to compete when the Games kick off?

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